Insurance Ratings

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) has issued the Illinois Valley Fire District a rating of 4 & 10W.

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Oregon Fire Code


The 2014 Oregon Fire Code (OFC) which is the 2012 International Fire Code with amendments becomes effective on July 1, 2014. There is a three month phase-in period from July 1 through September 30 for new construction plan reviews only. Please check with your local building official to determine whether the 2010 or 2014 Oregon Fire Code shall be used.​

How to Make Your Home And Property Fire-Safe


Published on Feb 22, 2018   Kris Babbs (Keep Oregon Green) and Tom Fields (Oregon Department of Forestry) show you the treatments necessary to help make your home and surrounding property more resilient from a possible fire. Fire can originate in the forest, or even on your own property.

Close Before You Doze Demonstration Event


On October 8, 2017, for Fire Prevention Week, the UL Firefighter Safety Research institute repurposed one of their test structures to demonstrate the importance of closing your bedroom door at night. This video shows the test that was conducted, and how a closed door can keep you safe and buy you time by acting as a protective barrier in the case of a fire.

Product Recalls


Get important information on product recalls HERE.

United States Home Candle Fires

In 2011–2015, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 8,690 home structure fires started by candles, per year. These fires caused an annual average of 82 civilian fire deaths, 800 civilian fire injuries, and $295 million in direct property damage.